22. 2. 2012

Tutorial by Ketty

This new tutorial is created by
Ketty with charlieonline.
It's called WinterMagic
and she used an ice skater
from my kit
New Beginninngs

20. 2. 2012

Award The Versatile Blogger

I received an Award
from Ketty with charlieonline.
I'm very honoured she thought of me
and I would like to pass this onto next gorgeous blogs...

19. 2. 2012

Tag by Sherri

This gorgeous new tag is a gift
from Sherri with Simply4u .
Sherri created a new awesome tutorial
called Irish At Heart partially using
Thank you very much for your great work!

14. 2. 2012

The Brat Pack Train: Kickstart my Heart

"Kickstart my Heart"
 is a Grammy Award-nominated heavy metal song
by the American rock band Motley Crue,
sung by Vince Neil.
The song was written in 1987 by Nikki Sixx
about his infamous heroin overdose,
when he was declared clinically dead for two minutes
and subsequently revived with two adrenaline shots to his heart.

So it matches with dark palette nicely- don't you think?

Grab my part here (click the preview below):
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